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Posts published in “World”

Space X Dragon Capsule Docks to International Space Station

Successful docking to international space station from Space X Dragon Capsule. This is a historic step to further our exploration in space after many years of this kind of science not being fully developed properly by our government. A perfect partnership of government and private industry furthers man kind in this extraordinary and very necessary exploration.

Vatican City Is It’s Own Country | Smallest Country in the World

Did you know that Vatican City is it’s own country? Did you know that it is the smallest country in the world? It is hard to understand how this could be but we will discuss this in more detail to try to get a better understanding. The size of the Country is just around 109 acres. This is right at 1/6th of a section of land or 640 acres to put it in perspective. It’s population is…

Liechtenstein | A small Country That Has It All

Lichtenstein, a small country that has it all. Being the third smallest country in the world, it has done a remarkable job of balancing all the proper elements to create and foster a thriving economy and high quality of life for their citizens. It also looks like a great place to visit. I originally researched this country some years back as my family originally hails from there many generations back. I have never been there myself, but…

Who really owns the National Debt in 2019?

When we ask ourselves who really owns the national debt in 2019, most will answer China. This is because the coverage by the television media groups leaves a strong impression that China owns most of the debt. This in fact is not true. In fact, foreigners as a whole only own 29% of the publicly owned total. National Debt consists of Two Categories: The U.S. national debt consists of two categories. Intragovernmental holdings and public holdings. Intragovernmental…