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Super Bowl 2020 | Florida and JLo got it WRONG | Texas and Gaga got it RIGHT

You can’t get much more American than football and the Super Bowl is the grand finale of the year wrapping up with the best of the best in a final charge for victory. Americans gather with friends and family to cook and enjoy each other’s company while watching the big game. We all know that the commercials and halftime show is as much the attraction as the game itself.

Choosing the entertainment each year and it’s entertainers accepting the invite comes with great responsibility. I can’t imagine what it takes to plan and pull off such an entertainment marvel. These folks are truly talented and if not so, wouldn’t be involved to begin with.

The Anticipation….

When halftime was approaching, I sat down with my son in much anticipation as in the past. I knew JLo was one of the entertainers so I was looking forward to seeing her perform. What I began to witness was hard however to get my head around. My eyes started widening, and my jaw started the natural lengthening as it does when you need to pick it up off the ground. I couldn’t understand what was going on. I was thinking in my mind, this is the halftime show right? I didn’t just accidentally change the channel to HBO or Cinemax? What is happening right now? Am I really watching the halftime show? My eyes kept looking over to my son as he looked mortified to be watching this with his mother. I just couldn’t believe it. I told my son that I wondered if they went to the strip clubs to learn to dance like that. Then later when the pole came out I said, “Well, seems as though they must have”. As these thoughts were whirling in my mind, as every second went by it just got worse.

Credit: YouTube

Wow Factor…….

I understand that there is a wow factor that entertainers are going for in general but especially during the super bowl half time show. They want each year to be bigger and better and more entertaining etc… Entertainment is one thing, but crotch shots, booty shots, pole dancing, and bumping and grinding are another on Prime TV.

When the men of thugville came to stage, I’m sorry that is all my brain would process as I looked at them, they started bumping and grinding and I thought wow, this is such a great message to humanity and women and children alike isn’t it? Let’s show the world that it is perfectly acceptable to be half naked on prime time television, try to get really good crotch shots at each possible moment, dance on a stripper pole, show our butt rolls or whatever you call what they were doing over and over and over again and bump and grind when the men come out on stage. That sends an excellent message to children and humans alike. I was embarrassed for them, I was embarrassed for America. Not entertaining at all.

Other Countries Laughing at US

I thought, we are trying so hard to get our respect back in this nation after much disrespect over the years and here we are demonstrating that this is what we stand for in front of the world. The people from the other countries are laughing at us right now and rightfully so. I can assure you however that this does not define all of our morality and humanity.

Freedom of Speech and Expression

Listen, this is America. The greatest nation in the world despite all of our shortcomings. It has this status because of our great constitution that our forefathers created so carefully for us. We have all of the freedoms we have because of it. I get it. Not everyone is going to think like I do. I have no issue with that. My issue is that this is something that families gather together to watch each and every year and it was entirely inappropriate for prime time. If it was a movie that was rated appropriately, fine. No problem. People can make an educated decision to watch or not watch and depending on the rating, make sure their kids aren’t around. This being the halftime show, it is supposed to be something suitable for all ages. It is also sending a HUGE message to young people male and female alike. Do we want our daughters growing up to aspire to be pole dancers? Do we want our sons growing up looking at girls and women in the vein that this is what is sexy and normal and how our daughters should look and act? How crude. Really. How sad.

Super Bowl Trafficking

It’s a real thing. Look it up. The super bowl attracts more human trafficking activity than any other time of the year. So many people are victims of such horrific crimes that most of us try to not think about. I can’t image how any human being could inflict these acts on another human being. It is pure evil and we all must pray and get involved and do whatever we can to help fight against this truly evil act.

Trump Signs Order to Create White House Position to Fight Human Trafficking


President Trump signed an order in the same week of the Super Bowl to create a new position in the White House to fight against human trafficking. All of this while a sexually charged halftime show is just disgraceful and disrespectful given the many victims of such a crime. Did they even stop to think about it? It really makes me wonder. I don’t think they did. I want to believe that if they really had a grasp as to how it was received that they would have chosen different choreography. I believe they are so wrapped up in their own world which is not the real world for most people that it didn’t even dawn on them. I chose to believe this in trying to give them a pass I guess because I believe they are all good people but just made some really bad choices in judgement in relation to this specific show and the audience that was watching.

Children participating near the end

When the kids came on and wow what a voice JLo’s daughter has, I started a sigh of relief that maybe it will tone down now. It did however my mind couldn’t help to wonder how a mother could perform in such a way in front of her daughter and God and everyone for that matter and then bring your kid into it as if it was a wholesome show. Truly troubling.

Hidden Messages

I watched a recap later that talked about all of these hidden or not so hidden messages that they were sending during the performance. I can tell you that it was all lost. Any message they were trying to send went on deaf ears I guarantee you to most as the performance as a whole was too shocking to comprehend what was even going on.

Lady GAGA in Texas Last Year Super Bowl 2019

As I replayed the performance for my husband a few days later as he didn’t see it, and I wanted him to see what I couldn’t stop going on about, I caught a few items I missed the first time around as I was a little more conditioned to the shock factor. At the conclusion of the performance on YouTube last year’s performance automatically started playing. I will tell you, what a difference. Lady Gaga started off singing God Bless America and her performance was entertainment at best. The performance was about her music, her talent, America, and the Super Bowl. Many references to God and all I can say is you nailed it. Great Job and I hope that future entertainers will think about the positions that they are in and responsibility they have to set the appropriate examples to all that look up to them. They should be lifting up and raising the bar, not lowering it. Watch the two videos yourself and you will see the stark contrast.

Credit: YouTube


I welcome your comments as this is America. I want to hear what you thought about it and your unique perspective. We all have one and please share.

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  1. Joan Leidtikiw February 13, 2020

    When I heard who would be the half-time entertainment, I warned my friends that it would be raunchy! For all the families attending this EXTREMELY expensive event, the half-time show was the exact same as if you took your kids to a soft porn movie! I pray you protected their eyes, ears, and innocence, by removing them to the food court. No one, at any age, can unlearn or unsee the graphic details of filthy dancing. Watching this on tv required ONE QUICK CLICK!

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