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God’s Children, Good and Evil, What will HE do?

We are ALL God’s children

With all that is going on in the world right now, one can not help but wonder what God is thinking. If you look at this in the perspective that we are all God’s children, he is looking down and watching his children hurt one another with total disregard for human life. He is watching many of his innocent children being killed, beaten, their livelihoods being destroyed by none other than his own children. This didn’t just start with the most recent chain of events, this has been going on from the time sin was introduced into this world. Outside of these riots, think about all the abuse we inflict on each other as humans in terms of domestic violence, sex crimes, human trafficking, torture, murder, and mental abuse.

Over time as we read in the Bible, God has had enough on more than one occasion. We can refer to the flood and Sodom and Gomorrah as two very specific points in time when God decided to cleanse the land from the sinful nature that was taking place. We must not think that we are exempt from him doing something like this again. He did not create us to live in such conditions and to be fearful and subjected to such terror and filth that is going on in the world today.

What would you do if one of your own children was trying to harm another one of your children? What if you had a good and an evil child? You obviously love them both but you would not stand by and passively watch one harm the other. You would involve yourself to try to mediate the situation and try to come up with a solution because you love them but at no time would you just turn a blind eye. We should not expect our heavenly father to do any less than we would do ourselves.

He Will

We know that God loves us more than we will ever understand the concept here on earth as we are incapable of connecting at such depth. He will take a situation and bring good out of it despite satan’s best efforts, and He will intervene, but not always in the way we think. God works in mysterious ways and even though we can’t always see or understand his way, it is always better than ours. He will prevail and He will have the last word.

Knowledge is abound, but wisdom is rare.

Wisdom comes from the divine and with personal experiences. In today’s world with so much information at our fingertips, people have become overwhelmed with unlimited knowledge to tap into but lack the ability to digest and process it effectively. Without the ability to adequately filter the factuality of the information, it seems as though if they read it, they believe it and this is dangerous. If someone can say anything they want to as if it is the truth and millions of people read it and believe it regardless of whether it is factual or not, imagine how much more damage is to come.

The reaction is knee jerk and emotional. It doesn’t seem to matter if it makes sense. In what world is killing and beating and burning and destroying justified? It never is. Outrage and anger of an act does not justify inflicting the same act on another innocent individual. It never does and never will.

Godly outrage and satan’s hate

The reason people are so quick to react and hold on to these flawed ideals is that they are looking and searching for anything to belong to. As believers we know the overwhelming sense of fulfillment, peace and contentment that comes with having a relationship with God. Without that connectedness that comes with feeling a part of the kingdom, we would feel lost and scared and angry all of the time. The first thing that comes in front of people without proper grounding and faith, is grabbed ahold of so fast and swift without thought and the next thing you know we are in a situation like we are now. The problem is that satan has created this platform through various chain of events to promote hate and anger and violence. We know that this behavior never comes from a God of love. It makes it really simple to be able to detect the difference between Godly outrage and satan’s hate. Godly outrage will protect the innocent while satan’s hate will try to destroy the innocent.

Being Played As Pawns

As a noun, a pawn is the smallest, least powerful piece in a game of chess, or a description of a person who’s being used or manipulated. This is what is happening and the people that have been played as pawns should be angry about that. Anytime we feel as though we have been made a fool of, we get angry and rightfully so. These domestic terrorist organizations and other extreme groups are using this crime to try to make America crumble from within. Self implode by destroying ourselves. They are using rioters as pawns and they haven’t stopped long enough to even realize it.

When it is all said and done, the leaders of these organizations will be very comfortable in their homes and towns that they dwell in that are safe and free of violence and terror while complete and total destruction has ensued everywhere else. When you go into your own town and burn it down, do you think there will be a job for you there next week so you can feed your family? Or what about when you call 911 because your mother or father is sick and having a heart attack or stroke, do you think anyone is going to be able to come to your aid and provide the care that is needed to the health care facility to save their life?

No Foresight

There is no foresight in terror and hatred? It leads to nothing but death and destruction. America better wake up and put their anger in the appropriate place. If we want to keep the freedoms we have, we can not tolerate anarchy.

So What Will HE Do?

I don’t know what HE will do, but I do know that HE will not put up with this continuous hate and destruction against his children forever. HE will intervene and I pray that through it all, ALL of his children are protected from the true enemy and that is satan. My prayer is that an enlightening will occur and we will be better for it in the end. God’s power and mercy surpasses all things and I will continue to pray for a miracle of understanding for all of his children for all of our sakes.


  1. NGuy June 6, 2020

    Your are right that people are being played as pawns and don’t even realize it. It is so sad to see what is going on America today. God, please Bless America.

  2. bohenderson June 6, 2020

    This really made me think about how God must feel when he looks down at us acting like this.

  3. Tim Dyess June 6, 2020

    We should all think about God seeing everything we do to others. He even knows what we think about others even if we don’t act on it. If people think they got away with any of this, they are wrong. You can’t hide from God.

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