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Do you have a STRONG opinion?

Do you have a strong opinion? We do. We believe everyone should be treated equally based on their merit. Regardless of your gender you should be treated with the proper respect based on your position and work product.

Are you male, female? Depending on your gender, your opinion will be categorized differently from your observers. If you are a strong male personality, you will be regarded as such. A man that has morals, says what he means, and means what he says. I say, good for you. That is the way it is should be. I respect that greatly and men should not apologize for receiving the proper respect accordingly.


How about a female? Will she be regarded the same? Sometimes…… In very professional work places that foster a culture for such an environment. We would all be so lucky to be in such an environment. Otherwise, females are most likely to be regarded as an over opinionated, wound too tight, over reactive emotional character if she is strong.

Competence is reclassified as overbearing. Strong opinions due to foresight and discernment are discounted and not taken seriously. Not for anything, but many women have great intuition. When it is being communicated however it is not always received well. It’s extremely frustrating, especially when you are a woman that has a track record of this intuition panning out time after time again, only to be surrounded by people who have NONE. They can’t begin to understanding what you are envisioning because they have no vision themselves. I appreciate that this isn’t always the case, but there is still a very real divide in regards to gender in the workplace and an exception made by many men when a female gets in front of them on an issue.

This is not intended to be a man bashing session. There are many good men and women in the workplace working very well together professionally. Is there still a glass ceiling in your workplace? If you cracked through it, do you still experience these tendencies for being a strong opinionated female?

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