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Religion, What Does It Mean To You?

Religion. Such a word to ponder. It means so many things to so many people. To me, it goes hand in hand with free will. To each is own. There is that saying again. No judgement here. Isn’t that what the good book tells us not to do? To judge? Then there is the verse that states that a righteous man will judge. I get it. I get it all. It seems contradictory, but yet it isn’t.

On one hand, I have a very liberal view of religion where I believe that different cultures and areas express their religion in different ways and I’m good with that. We can’t all be the same. God didn’t intend for us to be. On the other hand, I believe there is a fundamental and very real true north that everyone should have regardless of background, culture, religion, belief system. It is a fundamental right and wrong argument of good and evil.

I don’t consider myself religious. I consider myself spiritual. Some theologians somewhere would give me an argument and tell me that I am missing the point of the definition, but it’s my definition. It’s how I feel and what the Lord has placed on my heart, so who’s to say it’s wrong.

I believe man created religion. Man therefore over time has done a really great job of messing it up. Man, for thousands of years have used religion in order to establish themselves in various forms of authority, etc… Translating versus from different holy books to be what suited their interests at the time. They have then created various cultish type environments and have steered away from the intent of God’s word. This is the danger.

I for one am a strong personality that have very real and direct opinions about many subjects. I don’t need someone to lead me and tell me how to think and act other than God himself. Not everyone is made that way. There is a place for churches and organized religion, I do agree in that some humans need the fellowship and support system that they provide. Some people need it at different times of their lives. The need may be seasonal throughout one’s life.

To get past all of the formalities however of organized religion, I just want to have a relationship with God. I do have that today. It is not defined by any religion so to speak. It is a relationship with someone who is the best friend anyone can and will ever have. I literally speak and talk to God all day long. He speaks back to me. I ask for guidance, he gives it. He provides comfort, protection, favor, and support every second of every day. I could not survive without this relationship. It is spiritual.

I believe that all the various religions around the world have something about them that is playing off of something that works for God. Something that is right, something that he wants us to know or practice. Right in that if they are practicing true north principles. Right, not wrong. Any religion that believes in harming others, does not pass the true north test and it fundamentally wrong and evil. There are many twisted religions as such and it demonstrates the presence of satan and validates the existence of this prince of confusion in this world.

I look around, watch the news, watch movies on Netflix, Amazon, HBO, etc.. and there is so much underlying evil in the plots and scenes I have a hard time sometimes sitting and making it through. I many times have to get up and walk out of the room.

Our culture has done a good job in synthesizing us to evil. We watch the most horrific scenes on TV and don’t even blink. We wonder why there is so much violence in the world. It is coming right into our homes from on TV’s, computers, smart phones. I’m not getting rid of my electronic devices, but it is so obvious to me what is going on. It saddens me greatly and I wish I could say I think it will get better going forward, but it will only get worse I know.


With all that said, what is religion to you? What is your spiritual relationship? We will continue to write about various cultures, religion, and spiritual awakenings and would love to hear your feedback.

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