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Learning Forgiveness is the Greatest Gift

Learning forgiveness is the greatest gift you can give yourself. As a human being, we have so many twerks that we must learn to overcome in order to have a truly full life. We get in our own way so to speak many times. Our own worst enemy.

Forgiveness is a foundational attribute that Christ expects, and quite frankly demands that we all must learn and give to those that have wronged us. He expects for us to give it freely and without strings. Forgiveness with strings attached is not true forgiveness.

Of course it goes without saying that Christ payed the ultimate sacrifice so that we could all be forgiven. When we acknowledge the sacrifice he made for each one of us as a human, it makes any issues that we might be holding onto and harboring against someone else pale in comparison. It doesn’t take away from the wrongdoing that has occurred. There are truly unspeakable things that go on in this world that none of us want to think about. It is not minimizing what has occurred in any way by being able to forgive. Forgiveness is not for the person that wronged you. It is for you.

It’s a Process

It’s a process. It doesn’t happen overnight. It sometimes takes years or even longer. If you’re the kind of person that forgives instantly without question and never thinks about it again. Good for you. Most of us aren’t made that way. When we have been wronged, we are hurt, we are angry. There is a feeling of victimization in some cases that is very difficult to overcome. Whatever the wrong, big or small, we each process and deal with it differently. We are not all wired the same. The process however I have found in my personal life as being the beauty of it all. It takes time, and for me it has taken 20+ years and I’m still working on it, believe me.

Recently, in my struggle, and quite honestly my anger, God spoke to me. At that very instant that I received what he was telling me and accepted it (That’s a very important part), I understood and was free. It was an understanding that I will have difficulty putting into words. Tears were brought instantly to my eyes as I knew it was the Lord himself speaking to me so directly, firmly, but lovingly.

It was more the feeling that came over me, it was like the 20+ years of the struggle I have had with this specific issue all flashed before me in a split second but completely at the same time and I understood why God allowed for it to happen. It was for my own benefit. For me, in that moment that I was giving the forgiveness, I understood with a peace that I have never had before in these regards. That’s when you know it’s God. The peace that literally flows over you that you will long for continuously as soon as it leaves you.

You will pray and ask each day for him to bring it back to you in other areas of your life. You don’t always get it back that way however. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t care or isn’t there and listening to all your worries, I just think it means that he saves it to send a message. He saves it for the big picture and important things he wants you to know without a shadow of a doubt that it is him speaking to you. Not your conscious, not the evil one trying to confuse you, no question that it is our Father himself sending us a very direct communication that it is him talking to you, communicating to you at that moment in time.

The process of being wronged and ultimately being able to forgive and understand it is the gift. It is a gift that he gives us as he is molding us in his image. It is readying us to be able to join him in eternity. He is preparing us here on earth for eternity. We don’t understand his ways, but it is for our own best interest.

Forgiveness will set you free

You know the saying, the truth will set you free. It is true, it will. But I think that forgiveness will set you free as well. All of the harboring, hurt, negativity that is really eating us up inside is released. No longer are you allowing this wrongdoing, this thing that is in many times unspeakable and terrible, and hurtful, and just horrific, to continue to harm you. You are saying no more.

I forgive you. I am following the Father’s lead as he forgives each of us undeservedly every day. If he does it, how can we say we can’t? How can we say, God, you can do that, but I can’t? Who are we to think that we are in a category superior to our Lord? We are not. Again, it doesn’t mean it’s easy. It is a process and through it all it brings understanding of God’s purpose for each one of our lives.

Has learning forgiveness been one of your greatest gifts? We’d love to hear from you. Please give us your feedback in the comment area below and God Bless You.

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